We are a consultancy agency with heart, a creative soul and an activist spirit.

We are

The first creative consultancy agency mainly focused on the Brand Purpose and Impact Marketing for both companies and brands.

Rosa Parks became the most influential African-American woman in the civil rights struggle when she refused to give up her seat to a white person on a segregated bus. Rosa Parks is our inspiration, not only because she taught us the importance of saying NO, but because she taught us to fight for what we believe in, to use purposeful creativity to change the world, and to do good through brands doing good.

As experts in brand activism, we vindicate a more ethical business model that is more committed to the world, feasible, necessary and also profitable.

We are not "just another creative consultancy", we are ROSAPARKS.

If you count on ROSAPARKS,
you also count on
a whole community

Over time, we have cultivated an impact ecosystem that guarantees the success of our cooperation with you.

We work with companies, startups, social impact accelerators, social organizations, NGOs and Third Sector, for all of our creative proposals to be richer, tangible and coherent with your purpose and also contribute an added value for everybody.

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We are BCorp

B Corp is a new business model for companies that aim to find a balance between the social purpose and the economic benefits. They implement a legal requirement to take their employees, customers, suppliers, environment and community into account when making a decision.

ROSAPARKS is committed to favoring and empowering the local community through collaborations and agreements with local entities, clients and collaborators.