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BRANDS create invisible bows on people’s hearts. They connect with emotions and build their spaces with experiences.

They project dreams. They tell stories. They provide value beyond companies and money. They are a value themselves. They evoke a whole world of feelings just with a simple stroke or maybe a noise. Or maybe nothing. Loved, hated, envied, emulated… everything works excepting forgotten, relegated, unsubstantial brands.

Their main purpose, loyalty from consumers. Their biggest fear: irrelevance.

To people’s HEARTS invisible bows are tied to the surrounding world, increasingly fragile, vulnerable, smaller… sick. Less world. Governments are not achieving.

SOCIETY echoes. Who rules? The youngest ones are no longer satisfied. They shout. They rebel against a non-green future, against a non-fair, non-equal… no-future…

They organize from their digital circles, they raise their hand in the networks and they exercise the power of their decision.

Their choice. Their purchase. And they decide. They demand brands to get up, to do something, to take a risk. To be real and realistic. Ethical. Responsible.

Some companies, some brands, have already moved into action. And they are contributing. And they are recognized. And they forge a new invisible bond… 

Whoever truly helps the world is creating a bond straight into people’s hearts.