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With the following information, we offer you the most honest transparency and our legal commitment, so that you can enjoy our web and our communications with total confidence. If you allow us to have your personal data, they will be confidentially kept in a file which is ROSAPARKS PURPOSE AND SOCIAL IMPACT’s responsibility. Calle Balmes, 23, 3º-2ª, 08007, Barcelona, Spain. We are registered on the Barcelona Business Register.

Which information do we request from you?

We ask for your name and email address if you want to get our newsletter. We don’t compile any other personal data. Our regular newsletter reports our followers on news and our own publications about Impact Marketing, Social Business Responsibility, Marketing, Creativity, Purpose, ODS and anything we are interested in. This will occasionally include information about podcast interviews to digital leaders, especial events or case studies.

Why are we asking you for this information?

With your details we will offer you a better service and we’ll inform you about future initiatives that we’ll carry out. Under no circumstances we will give or sell your data to other companies.

Can you add, modify or eliminate this information? Yes, you can.

In accordance with European GDPR law from 2018, as well as, with the Spanish Law on data protection (LOPD), you have the right to correct or eliminate your data, and to- at any time- revoke your consent to this law and other laws associated with it by writing us to our email address (shown at the footer of this web), sending your data and your ID Card.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little data files that webs put into your computer to store information about your preferences. Cookies can improve your surfing experience since they help us understand your preferences according to your activity through our page. To block or completely eliminate the cookies from your computer, open browser options and configurate cookies.

Personal Data Protection in ROSAPARKS

We have an appointed data protection consultant (DPC) who is in charge of keeping an updated document about Privacy Impact Evaluation that includes a data mapping and a flow map about how and when data is compiled, stored and eliminated.

DPC keeps a register of all the data eliminating applications to guarantee the GDPR compliance.

Duration: Conservation of your email data (that we have compiled thanks to your initial consent) depends on you. You can ask us to eliminate them at any time.

More data: In the event that you were asked for additional data to give you more personalized and relevant contents, you will be required to give your explicit consent.

Security: Data is stored in safe servers managed by our DPC. Any hypothetical breach will be reported within the 72 hours stipulated by the GDPR law.

Enquiries: For any doubt or additional information you might require, send us an email to

Thank you for your interest in ROSAPARKS.