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At ROSAPARKS we believe in the power of brands to do a better world.

We are seduced by how social innovation and creative social impact projects can help brands to succeed and to be relevant for consumers and how, at the same time, they are contributing to a more human and sustainable future.

ROSAPARKS is a Creative Consultancy on Brand Purpose and Social Impact that develops Impact Marketing projects that improve our world.

We work together with marketing teams under the premise that social impact is profitable for brands in economic terms, as well as in terms of reputation, a greater commitment towards their audiences and differential values from their competitors.

This profitability can be measured in terms of SROI (Social Return of Investment). ROSAPARKS grows an ecosystem of impact with a large number of entities that work on impact too and that, together with 2030 UN agenda, are our motor and inspiration to create valuable proposals to benefit brands and to contribute improving the world.